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About Us

In business for over 30 years, Finloc 2000 Inc. specializes in financing new and used mobile equipment used for operational, rolling, commercial, and industrial purposes. Over the years, we have developed a thorough understanding of rolling equipment like trailers and used trucks. We are also constantly working on developing new sectors of activity.

Flexible, made–to-order financing

Our experienced team offers three types of financing: leases (operating leases with or without purchasing option and capital leases), installment sales contracts, and chattel mortgages on equipment.

We offer personalized financing based on the type of equipment purchased with your choice of fixed or floating rate.

When you do business with us, you decide whether you’ll make monthly or weekly payments. If needed, seasonal workers can even get a “payment holiday” for a specified period of time.

A wide range of financial products

If you’re thinking about buying a:

  • Platform
  • Van
  • Transfer trailer
  • Logging, chip, or off-highway truck
  • Dump body
  • Dolly
  • Container carrier
  • Used truck
  • “VertiSpace” mezzanine or other products in the United States

Our team has the expertise and resources to help you save time and money!

Fast, efficient service

When the trip is scheduled and all you need is a trailer, we know that every second counts! Our team can meet your financing needs within 24 hours.

Don’t wait a minute longer! To find out more, visit our financing solutions section or contact us.

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